Living Your Best Life – Are Your Thoughts Helping?

Living Your Best Life – Are Your Thoughts Helping?

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Have your thoughts got you trapped and hindering you or are they helping you in living your best life. I wanted to take a look at our thoughts and how they may be preventing us from following our dreams. Let’s see if we can burst any bubbles not serving us and live from our hearts.

What Are Thoughts? Are They Helping In Living Your Best Life?

I describe thoughts as our beliefs, ideas and opinions that control the way we think and in what we do throughout our day. It is how we see ourselves and the world. My thoughts or beliefs will either help me to have an awesome day or will make my day much harder.

Are We In Control Of Our Thoughts? If So, How Do We Change Them.

Sonju Lyubomirsky and others have done research on happiness and what makes us live a fulfilled life. They have found that around 50% of happiness is determined by your “set point” or genetics, 10% roughly is determined by your circumstances (finances, health etc) and the last 40% is based on you. On what effort you put into making your life happier and more fulfilling.

So, even though our thoughts are shaped by our life experiences, genetics and education, they are generally under conscious control.

So How Can You Change Your Thoughts To Help In Living Your Best Life?

Let's rethink

We are what we think about so wouldn’t it be better to think happy, positive thoughts? Here are some ways that I work on changing my thoughts from negative to positive.

  • Meditation. Starting the day with a guided meditation always puts me in a good mood. I work on getting into the feeling of my dream and that has a great impact on my day.
  • Gratitude. I quite often forget this one but what throughout your day are you grateful for. If you are having a bad day, think of what you are grateful for.
  • Have you ever used Kylego? I only heard about this one recently and it is amazing at changing your thoughts. You imagine the outcome of what you would like to happen before hand. For example. You have fear around a job interview. What you do is imagine having already been to the interview and how well it went.
  • Another one you can try is every time you have a negative thought, one that is not serving you, you can say “cancel that” and replace it with a positive statement. An example may be “I can’t do that” may be replaced with “I can do whatever I put my mind too”.

Let’s start listening to those thoughts because we now know we can choose to change them for a happier and more fulfilling life.

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