Is Being Comfortable In Life A Good Thing?

Is Being Comfortable In Life A Good Thing?

You comfortable in your life

Can being comfortable in life be a good thing or are you not filling your purpose. Are you using it as an excuse to not move beyond your fears and grow. I am always looking to grow, but it wasn’t always that way. I had decided that being comfortable was easier. But not anymore.

So what changed in my life for me to now follow my dreams?

I was in a marriage to my kids father that was no longer working for either of us. Many times after a fight I knew that this was over. It was time to make the split and move on. I was not fulfilled, my values of love, joy and feeling free were not being met but I decided it was not all bad and because of this, I didn’t make that move. I chose fear and being comfortable, (not rocking the boat), over my values and in me living my best life.

Why was I sacrificing my happiness and values over fear? Why was I not looking our for what is best for me and the children. Those fears of “I can’t do this”, “What will the kids think of me”, “I am a bad mother, I can’t even keep my family together”.

These are all legitimate fears but still should not be enough to stay in a relationship that is not fulfilling. What was I teaching my children? That it is OK to stay in a relationship that is not working or do I want them to know that you need to do what it takes.

Luckily for me their dad made the decision to move out and for that I am grateful. All of my fears raised their ugly heads but I am OK. I have had to deal with them one by one and a counsellor did come in handy when things got real hard to live with, but I have come out the other side a much stronger and better person. I now realise my values and my life are more important than staying in a relationship of any kind and being unfulfilled.

How is my life better now?

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to pluck up the courage. Those fears were holding me back and gave me the feeling that this was the best. I am grateful though that I can now move on and my life is getting better and better every day. Are you in a similar situation in your life somewhere. Maybe it’s you job?

Are you a little too comfortable? Is it a good thing?

Can you relate to my life at all. Are you living a comfortable life that maybe is a little too comfortable. Maybe you have stopped growing and like I was, just going through the motions of the day and not living your life of purpose and dreams.

Is it your job. Do you feel stuck because you have bills to pay, a family to feed and you letting your fears control your life. Maybe it is time to look at your values and see if you are truly living a comfortable life.

My reasoning for constantly moving forward and looking at living a life of value and purpose is for me and my children. I want them to not just be in a comfortable life. I want them to live free. To follow their dreams and to not be stuck.

What do you want for yourself and your family? If you want any help in following your dreams, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. I would love to help you.

Let’s get ourselves out of our comfort zone and start truly living our lives. I am here for you.

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