So You Want To Become An Entrepreneur. Why?

So You Want To Become An Entrepreneur. Why?

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So you want to become an entrepreneur. Now the big question. Why? This is what will make or break the success of your business.

Your WHY could be anything from wanting to earn extra money or maybe it’s more freedom you are after. What about the fact that you can run an online business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Maybe you like the idea of no longer needing to report to a boss. Maybe it is all of the above that appeals to you.

These are all very good reasons but are they enough for you to be truly successful in your business and fulfilled in your life?

If you do everything right, then most likely the above will be a by-product of your hard work and dedication. But will this give you spiritual fulfillment? What will keep you going on the days that are tough and you are loosing your momentum?

To become an Entrepreneur, you need a strong WHY! This is what I believe will give you what you need to get all of the above. To be totally happy, to be earning what you want, to be taking holidays when you want and to be totally changing your life and those around you.

What is your WHY and how do you find it.

This is a biggy and one that has kept me going on the days that I have found it hard. My WHY’s are:

  1. Helping others to better themselves and their lives,
  2. Creating joy and freedom for me and my family
  3. Being in control of my finances and our lives.

Having a strong WHY does make becoming an Entrepreneur a lot easier.

To find out your WHY, let’s ask ourselves the question “What problems can I solve for others?” You want your answer to be something that you are passionate about, that will provide value to others and that can eventually make you money.

Your biggest WHY should be around providing value to others. “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more” – H. Jackson Brown Jr

Why should your WHY be around helping others solve problems?

solution to the puzzle

This is where your fulfillment comes from. The joy of helping others. Also, when you come at your business from this standpoint, you will attract the people that resonate with you and love what you do. An added bonus is that your fears and doubts will not be there. When your focus is totally on what value can I give to people today, who has time for self doubt. I must keep going so that I can make a difference to others and the world.

When you are passionate about what you do, it shows. You are happy to keep going when times are tough because you always have your WHY motivating you and driving you forward.

If you come at your business only thinking of the money, this is what you will attract. People that are wanting money. A quick fix. Not someone that is wanting to change their lives and those around them for the best.

Who do you want to help?

Those that will do anything and are ready for a change, a solution to their problem and that are extremely grateful, or someone who just wants a quick fix.

I know what I want which is why I do what I do and love it.

Do you think think you are ready to become an Entrepreneur? Head over here to check out the complementary video series that got me started.

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