How To Start An Online Business On A Budget

How To Start An Online Business On A Budget

Are you wanting to start an online business on a budget? Think that it may cost you a fortune? I thought the same but with the right education and tools, it can be done.

Would it be easier if you had a massive budget? I am sure it would but it may not be as fulfulling. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the satisfaction of doing it all myself.

So What Do You Need To Start An Online Business On A Budget


The first thing that you will need is some sort of computer. You hopefully have one already, but if not or it’s not performing well, you have a few options. You could purchase one second hand, ask friends or family members if they have a spare that they no longer need or if you have the time, you may be able to use one at your local library.


Once you have your computer sorted, next on the list is an education. You want the right education. One that is going to teach you everything that you need to know on how to set up your business the right way and to make this work. You can scan the internet for hours and try to work it our yourself, but I tried this and it didn’t work. I spent many hours, spent a few hundred dollars here and there and never got the outcome that I wanted.

The training that I eventually found and love was from a company that had been teaching and supporting people in starting and building online businesses for over 10 years. They provide the step-by-step training that most of us need, the mentors, the support but also a community of like minded people, all going through the same thing.

At the time I thought this was going to cost me a fortune, but I was wrong. For under $500 and a monthly subscription, my website was up and I was on my way. You can pay more for extra training, but you don’t have to.

So you now have your computer sorted, your education and support, what else are you going to need.

A Video/Camera Device

Most of us in the community that I am in, use our smart phones to take photos and make videos. This is easy and free and you can upload direct from your phone onto your YouTube channel. If you want to add music to this video, you can use the free library in YouTube.

Copywrite Free Photos and Editing

Something else that’s important are your photos for your blog posts and landing pages.

Here you have the choice of using your own, or accessing the paid and free options online. The more you pay the better the quality, but when you are on a budget, free is good. There are many sites that offer this. Wanting to place text over your image, that is possible with another free tool.

Video Editing

If you are wanting to make videos to put up on your YouTube channel, having the ability to edit them is very helpful and again, I came across a free program that has been great. No need to pay until you are ready.

These are the main things you will need to get your business started, but as you can see, there are a lot of free tools. It is very possible to get a business up and running for little cost and once the money starts to roll in, then you can outsource more and pay for better quality.

Are you ready to start your business? Let me know in the comments below if having a low budget is a concern for you in starting your own online business.

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