The pro’s and cons of having kids in your 40’s!

The pro’s and cons of having kids in your 40’s!

having kids in your 40's

Are you thinking of having kids in your 40’s? I am a mature mum and these are some of the pro’s and con’s that I have found by having them later in life.

Pro’s of having kids in your 40’s

  • By this stage of my life I had done the travelling and had the career, I was now ready to settle down.
  • Had a healthier diet
  • My home was now chemical free
  • How I wanted my birth to go was very clear to me
  • I knew how I was going to parent my child (this will give you some idea)
  • Being more mature makes it easier to stick to my decisions
  • I was not easily swayed into doing something that I didn’t feel comfortable with
  • Better at listening to my intuition
  • More patient as I have had time to grow and know what works
  • Know when things aren’t working and and know when to change
  • More time to organise a career that can be done around the children.


  • Supposedly more risks involved (although I didn’t come across any)
  • You can be labelled as an older mum, giving you less options
  • I wanted my baby naturally so had to organise a midwife (doctors here want to induce you at 38 weeks)
  • You are more tired. Baby’s are tough.
  • All your friends and siblings have generally had their kids at the “normal” age so I feel I am a bit on my own.
  • Your parents are older, making it a little harder to get babysitting for free.
  • Cousins are older and may not get along as well
  • You will be at your child’s 21st when you are in your 60’s!
  • Hormonal upsets and changes when your kids are still young.

Are you a mum thinking of having kids in your 40’s? I have absolutely no regrets as I am sure my parenting style would have been completely different when I was younger.

As with any pregnancy, preparation is key. Clean up your diet and home by removing all chemicals. This means the food you eat and the products you put on your skin. Think about the environment you want your child to enter into and be the healthiest person you can be.

Hoped this has helped you in your decision to be an older mum. It can come with many benefits.

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