What Gives Your Life Meaning: Your Life’s Purpose.

What Gives Your Life Meaning: Your Life’s Purpose.

What Gives Your Life Meaning: Your Life's Purpose
What Gives Your Life Meaning?

What gives your life meaning? What is your life’s purpose? A lot of us go through life not knowing or not following our life purpose. Sometimes we are following the money and commitments or others expectations rather than following our heart. What does this do for us.

I have been on a spiritual and self development path since my separation and am now starting to find out what my life can be like. I wish to follow my inner compass that takes me on the path of pure joy.

Why Do I Want To Know What My Life Purpose Is?

Once you know what your life purpose is and are following it, everything becomes easier. You have inspiration and enjoy getting up in the morning. Your energy levels are higher and life is good.

Your days are filled with love and joy. You are following your dream, not someone else’s and you get to make the choice.

I don’t know about you, but I find this a much better way to go through my life, because I would rather be inspired about what I do, rather than dragging my feet and doing something unfulfilling.

What If I Don’t Know What Gives My Life Meaning, What My Purpose Is In Life?

As mentioned I didn’t so have been on a journey of self discovery. I have listened to people like Joe Vitale and read lots of his books. I am a member of The Six Figure Mentors that has a weekly webinar on finding your purpose. Others that inspire me are Mel Robbins, Brene Brown, Derek Rydall and Jack Canfield just to name a few. All these people plus many more are all awesome at helping us to follow our calling. To live our ideal life.

Let’s find yours with the the help of Jack Canfield.

Finding Your True Life Purpose, My Life’s Meaning

Envision your ideal life?

This can be hard if you are really unfulfilled but it is a good place to start. If money and time was no object, where would you like to live, what does your house look like, what sort of car do you have, what sort of job are you doing. This should make you feel good when you think about it and can help you with your life’s purpose.

Do what makes you happy?

Do you know what fills you up. Is it being with friends, your family, going on hikes, trips to the beach? Are you creative but haven’t been making it a priority. What about helping people, is that something you love to do? Have a good think about this and then make the time and start incorporating more of this into your life.

Do what you are good at. What do you enjoy?

Another tip is to do what you are good at, what you enjoy doing. Is there something that people tell you all the time that you do well. Is there a way that you can make this into something that you love to do?

These tips can start to flush out what your purpose in life is. Think of these daily and start to incorporate as many as you can into your life and head towards that dream life.

Are you following your purpose or are you letting your fears run your life? Do you think it’s time to take the first step to living your life with purpose rather than letting others run it for you?

Learn how you can follow your purpose and live your dream life by starting a business online. The only boss is you and you get to choose what your life will be like. Why not put your effort into something that will bring you joy.

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